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Hi ! My name’s T. M. Hoy, author of Lasting Happiness: Secrets of the Heart, Mind & Spirit Revealed.

Thanks for visiting my site – I REALLY appreciate it. I’m SO glad, in fact, I want to help you as much as I can.

I know you’re probably unhappy, dissatisfied with your life, maybe you’re  even emotionally or physically wounded. All of us are, at one time or another.
Did you hear one of my podcasts ? Or maybe one of my media interviews ? It doesn’t matter.
However you found me, you probably know I’ve been to hell and back so many times I’m almost a commuter !
I was arrested in Thailand for a murder I didn’t commit, and spent the next 16 years in prison.

I watched hundreds of people die horrible deaths all around me, and nearly died several times myself.

I wasn’t guilty of the crime of which I was convicted, but I wasn’t a good person, either. I’m not mad at the Thais – don’t blame them a bit for what happened. In a perverse way, I have to thank them for that traumatic experience.

Because as terrible as it was, buried for long years in the filth, disease, misery and death of a 3rd World prison, I discovered one amazing, blazing insight. An epiphany that forever changed me, and transformed my life for the better.

T. M. Hoy | Find Lasting Happiness | Happiness Book

When everything is stripped away and you have nothing left but your bare skin, and you are in your last moments of life, you see clearly what is TRULY important.

I discovered the secret humans have searched for since the dawn of our kind ! I suddenly understood that happiness – the deep, profound, lasting kind, has NOTHING to do with wealth, power, status, youth, beauty, or any of the other things we waste our lives chasing.

Happiness comes from healthy, nurturing relationships, starting with the one with yourself. It comes from doing the things you love to do, and that are important to you, and spending time with the people you love and care about.

When death comes for you (as it comes for us all), what will matter is who loves you, and the people you love – and whether you’ve lived a life that’s meaningful.

T. M. Hoy | Spiritual Book Author

I was incredibly lucky. I survived that experience, and feel (right or wrong) I was meant to share what I learned at such a painful cost.

I want to share the research of more than a dozen years, finding the tools and techniques needed to make my insight a reality. I studied tens of thousands of pages of scholarly research, and condensed them into a few easy-to-read paragraphs, summarizing the state-of-the-art science on many subjects.

I know all about suffering, and the torments of body and soul. And i want to do everything in my power to help you, to cure and heal whatever ails you.

Whatever it may be – apathy, depression, loss, pain, loneliness, unhappiness in all its many forms and faces – the answer is HERE !


Motivational Book | Lasting Happiness

I’m so certain of this, I GUARANTEE you will find what you need. For a mere $! – a simple measly buck (that won’t even buy you a coffee at Starbuck’s !), these answers are yours.

Check out my book, and if you don’t think it was worth every penny (and a lot more !), just ask me for a refund within 90 days – and I’ll gladly give you your $1 back. No questions asked.

You have NOTHING to lose, and the world to gain !

The choice is yours.
Isn’t it worth it ? Let the healing begin, and click on the book cover or the buy button above (please make sure to hit the Return to Merchant button on Paypal to get your copy download !).

You WILL find lasting happiness TODAY.

Create What's in Your Mind's Eye | Lasting Happiness | Spiritual Book

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