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  1. Matt Robinson

    I watched your interview with Matt Belair today – was interested in your experiences and how they helped you evolve spiritially. I am older – had a fairly easy life but found happiness was somewhat elusive. Not now – but I find I am still destracted by the effects of the mind control agenda and sometimes wonder if I think too much. Never really managed consistent, sustained meditation but have had my own experiences of ‘other realms’ good and bad. I would be interested in a chat – I’m out in PA but originally a Brit , now 56 with a wife and daughter. Experience speaks louder than words but sharing experience in an honest and open way is the best example one can hope to communicate the benefit of one ‘s own hindsight. I guess my question is how do we deal with the knowledge of the evil that has this world so enchanted – how do we break out of the matrix?


      I think it starts by working to create your own paradise – and correcting the things that bother you most in your immediate neighborhood. There is so much wrong with the world, it is easy to get paralyzed by uncertainty – “which evil to fight first ?”. But for myself, by doing everything in my power to make my own community act in accordance with the values I hold dear, i combat evil, but in a manageable way. There’s lots i deeply dislike in society, but can’t do much about.
      That stuff, I just grit my teeth, and do my best to ignore it.
      No easy answers, I’m afraid – but i think that if you work hard at finding others who share your values, together you can build that community you most desire, and make changes that create a life worth living.
      Thanks for commenting, and please feel free to post whenever you like !
      Cheers !

  2. Matt

    When I was younger I often referred to ‘sphere of influence’ and was much less concerned with those things that were outside of it. I do now spend little time attempting to change things or people that are outside of my immediate affect. Mostly I realize that people really do not want to hear it even if they are kind enough to pretend to listen. Even close relatives are unlikely to react in a way that is complimentary to those ideals I try to perpetuate. I have fallen into a rather hermetic existence even within my own family – finding my own thought now my main source of spiritual bouyacy. However good that might appear, it does feel like a kind of self imprisonment or segregation from other that always leaves me attempting to communicate with folks I feel are open on those matters I hold dear. Not so much the evils of this world but finding ways to draw forth that which is the you within. I don’t really mind that it doesn’t often seem to get through but feel compelled to speak it when there is a possibility that it might be received. But the nagging thought for me is how to wake someone in a gentle way that will not close them off as I know I have failed in this respect with some and now tread way too lightly in my opinion as I want to keep connected with those I hold dear. Anyway, just voicing to a stranger on the internet seems to ease things a little. I did wonder whether in prison I would find that I would continue to sustain my spirit without the perceived freedoms we have – I fear like your woodsman friends I would just curl up and die – but without experience I will not know that answer – and hope I never do! Much respect to your survivabilty under the circumstances you described – and many thanks for your reply.


      My pleasure ! I’m sorry you feel isolated, and that you hesitate to share your opinions with your social circle. I understand that completely – and i agree that most people simply do not want to hear anything that challenges them or that requires change.
      I would suggest, though, that if you have a practical exercise or activity that could be shared with your nearest and dearest, that also involved the things you want to change, they might be willing to join you, and have their minds opened that way.
      For example, if you feel strongly about say – being conscious of your environment, ask for some help identifying invasive plant species, and involve them in transforming a backyard into a miniature nature sanctuary. This is just an example – but you get my meaning.
      Good luck, and worst case scenario – join some groups that share your values and vision !
      Take care.

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